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You seem to have reached this page while searching for some CoasterStone coasters. We offer easy ways of getting in touch with the best suppliers selling CoasterStone® coasters online. Made of sandstone, these coasters do not only protect your tabletop against dripping condensation, they are real eye-catchers!

These refined drink & beverage coasters are made from 100% natural sandstone by CoasterStone company, USA. With tiny pores in its surface, sandstone is an effective absorbant that features a remarkable ability to soak up liquids, so the water condensing on cold glasses, bottles, etc does not drip and damage the tabletop. Moreover, CoasterStone® coasters will never stick to the bottom of your glass, as there is no liquid on their surfaces left. Also, the cork backing on these coasters gives a smooth touch to them and protects your furniture from scratching. Beautifully imprinted, CoasterStone® coasters are a nice addtion to your collection of sandstone drink coasters, and a perfect gift you may give to a friend. Choose among lots of available designs of CoasterStone® coasters and find what you like right now!

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Imprinted CoasterStone Coasters - Rooster Decor

Imprinted CoasterStone® Coasters - Rooster Decor

CoasterStone Car Coasters

CoasterStone® Car Coasters

CoasterStone Car Coasters

CoasterStone® Car Coasters

CoasterStone Imprinted Coasters -

CoasterStone® Imprinted Coasters - "Cooks"

CoasterStone Coasters - Sunflowers

CoasterStone® Coasters - Sunflower Decor

CoasterStone Coasters - Birds

CoasterStone® Coasters - Birds

CoasterStone Coasters - Hummingbirds

CoasterStone® Coasters - Hummingbirds

CoasterStone Coasters - Sea Shells

CoasterStone® Coasters - Sea Shells

CoasterStone Coasters - Tree Frog

CoasterStone® Coasters - Tree Frog

CoasterStone Coasters

CoasterStone® Veggi Coasters

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